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Introducing RV Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing company using RV's to market around USA.

Introducing RV Mobile Marketing

We are a mobile marketing company which uses RV's to market around the USA.

You have options to choose between:  


Full-time RV Owner Visibility/Exposure



RV Mobile Marketing is a mobile advertising company that will use RV’s to market different USA based companies.

The RV’s will be wrapped. The size of the RV’s will range from 24’ to 38’.

RV mobile marketing will not give you limitations like billboards.


RV Mobile Marketing was started
from the idea of advertising and traveling. Flexibility and Mobility are the keys to our business.


Let us take care of your alternative marketing needs.

Why RV Mobile Marketing



  • Mobility is key to our business. Let us know how we can customize your marketing and take care of your needs.


  • We offer between 1 to 12 month contracts mobile throughout the USA.


  • We take your advertisement anywhere you want.


  • We combine the mobile RV and advertisement to become an amazing alternative form of marketing.


  • Billboards can't offer the kind of brand awareness that our mobile RV’s do.


  • We're an alternative way for marketers to brand. We can be anywhere at any time!



  • RV graphics & RV wraps are the best form of advertising you can buy! The lowest cost and highest impact on of any advertising medium. There are many types of graphics that can be applied in order to help boost awareness and marketing power for a particular product or service.

  • Maximize your advertising space! Think about the time the RV spends on the road. The custom RV wrap is out there letting prospective customers know about your business. RV graphics can generate up to 16 million impressions a year.

  • The name and phone number isn’t enough in the competitive environment you face. You need to create a mobile billboard that turns some heads and grows your business.



Any business that will need advertising in an alternative way. Including Political and Medical. or anything that is accepted by RVMM.

Pricing Plans

Attainable plans start at $300 a month and contracts can range from 1 to 12 months.

We offer wide range of plans, starting from low to extreme exposure.

More about plans, see here. 





All RV’s will be equipped with GPS for monitoring. We will use a state of the art company to track the RV’s. We want to market your brand/advert with full transparency.


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