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What types of marketing are RVMM used for?

■ Corporate Branding

■ Advertising

■ New Product Launch

How far in advance should I schedule my RV advertisement campaign?

We recommend a month to avoid any rush.

How many months will the advertisement campaign last?

The minimum is a one month contract. The norm would be three, six, nine, or twelve months since it will be city/state/national marketing. We will customize the marketing campaign per the client’s desire.

How do I get started?

Fill out an advertisement request form. You will then receive information via e-mail and by phone to get started.

What are the rates?

The ad space on an RV ranges from $400.00 a month. A customized marketing project can be as high as $6,000 a month. Pricing is based on the size of an advertisement wrap, from a 3’x3’, 5’x8’, to full wrap. Contact us for more details.

What is included in the advertisement rate?

An RV with the client’s advertisement that is driven everywhere. We don’t provide any of the art or the advertisement wraps. We have a company in Houston, Texas that will complete the art and wraps. We don’t charge anything extra. You can customize your marketing campaign that fits your needs.


How do I know my campaign is following the route I designated?

All of our RV’s will be equipped with a GPS tracking system that allows the client to track the location and driving history. We will use a company that offers state of the art service.

Can I determine the driving route of my mobile RV Billboard campaign?

Yes. You can supply us with a predetermined route to follow being states, major cities. Our company is based on traveling city/state/nationwide with a RV moving billboard. We can customize towards the client’s needs.

Who will install the advertisement wraps?

We have a company in Houston, Texas called Bayou Graphix. If you have your own art/logo they can use that. If not they can come up with something that fits your needs. Either way they will get it completed to your satisfaction.

Cost of wrap?

The cost of the wrap will vary on size. A 32’ Class C RV fully wrapped is around $7,500. This is for art design/wrap complete on RV. We can customize the size that fits the client’s needs. A
good rule of thumb is $9.00 per square foot. Two 5’x8’ sections are around $1,000. This is just
an estimate. The final cost is determined by Bayou Graphix.

How long will it take to produce the advert wrap?

It typically takes 2 weeks or less to be completed.

What are the dimensions of the advert wrap space on the RV?

Overall dimension of finished vinyl is anywhere from 3’x 3’ to fully wrapped.