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Become an Independent Contractor

Full Time RV Owners

Please review our FAQ page. This will give you insight in our company.

We are looking for RV Owners who want to Joint Venture with RVMM as an

Independent Contractor.

This is for RV Owners who need an extra income on the road and don’t want to Work

Camp. Maybe this is what you need to become a full time RVer.


The graphics wraps will be installed by a qualified company in the USA .
You will have to install a GPS in your RV, depending on the contract. We will pay for the

GPS and install.

How many months will the advertisement campaign last?

The minimum is a one month contract. The norm would be three, six, nine, or twelve months since it will be city/state/national marketing. We will customize the marketing campaign per the client’s desire.

How do I get started?

Fill out a request form below. You will then receive information via e-mail and by phone to get pre-qualified.

Success! Message received.

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